Beyond Meat | Afsætning

1. Analyze the differences between how a private consumer (end-user) buys products from Beyond Meat, compared with a retailer. (2 pages).
2. Assess the following 4 statements: (answer - about 1/2 page per question.) Correct or not? Why?

A business to business market is when a product is bought with the purpose of production or to resell. In the B2B market there are fewer but larger buyers and the buying behavior differs a lot from the B2C market. The buying behavior is way more complex and the decision process is longer and more people are involved.

Segmentation variables on a B2B market are demographic, operating variables, purchasing approaches, situational factors and personal characteristics.

A business to consumer market is when the buyer is the end user. In the B2C market there are many buyers however smaller sums of money are involved in each buy compared to the B2B.

The buying behavior is concentrated around needs, motives and values, whereas in the B2B market the decisions are made professionally and formalized and the buying behavior is more rationel. Segmentation variables on a B2C market are Demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral.

When analysing the buying behavior on a B2B market we look into; the type of buy, the decision making process, the buying centre and other factors that might influence the buy. Beyond Meats B2B market is resellers. They sell their product to retailers and restaurants who will then sell it to the end-user/ consumer.

The type of buy would probably be a modified rebuy or a straight rebuy for resellers. Beyond Meat and the retailer would typically make deals for the future and in the B2B market the buyers are loyal and the relationships are long lasting.

This means that the buyer would typically return to Beyond Meat interested in a rebuy of some kind. Obviously the first time, when the product has just been launched, it will be a new buy.

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