John F Kennedy September 12th Speech | Analysis

One of humanities greatest achievements has, as of yet, been the moon landing. It’s a symbol of what we as humans are able to do, and how far we are willing to go when we set out to do something.

Not only was it a huge achievement, but it was also the first steppingstone of the road to a new space age, but how did it all start?

On September 12th, 1962, John F. Kennedy held a speech at Rice University in Houston Texas. The speech was held in order to receive funding for America’s Space Program, and further research in the field of space exploration.

A Field in which would later proof to be not only interesting but also ground for the colonization of other planets.

Furthermore, his speech contains a substantial amount of rhetorical devices to further his point to the people and encourage them to engage in this project themselves.

His speech mostly consists of logos as expected. Since the speech’s main focus is receiving funding, it would be reasonable to assume the investors would require some details to verify the legitimacy of the deal in question.

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