On April 30, 1789, took George Washington his oath of office as the first president of the United States. Since then, there have been 46 presidents to run the American democracy.

All the American presidents have had charismatic personalities in both good and bad ways. Latest we have seen the former president, Donald Trump, who after he lost to his opponent encourages his supports to riot.

McCain is appealing to his supporters, that the future will be better if they stand together even though there are differences. He appeals to that they have a common goal, which is to restore and build a better and stronger country.

The common goal is one of the arguments McCain is using to convince the Republicans, that Obama will be a good president. The secondary group is the rest of America.

In the last segment, he is talking to the Americans as a unit by saying we . The circumstances on which the speech is based are that John McCain lost the election.

A concession is an act in which a losing candidate publicly gives in to a winning candidate after an election. In this speech, we can see McCain congratulate Obama after he lost to him.