Gideon | Noter Analyse | Z.Z. Packer

Why does the color of our skin mean so much in our lives? why are there not more black and white people in this world who can have felling for each other?

Or is it just a question when relationship is wrong or right. Relationship is one of the themes which is in the short story “Gideon” by Z.Z. Packer’ (2007).

Writing assignment:

Gideon are one of the main characters in the short story and his outer characterization attending him as a phd Jewish guy who is studding and has a big focused on his own physical appearance. l. 1.

“He had hair like an Afro wig and a nervous smile that kept unfolding quickly,” he is also a very white skin person. l. 6 “Sometimes I’d stare in the mid-darkness at how white he was.”

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