Indian Camp | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Life. It has millions, if not endless opportunities.You have the power to control every single day of your life, apart from two. Your first and your last.

In Ernest Hemmingway´s short story “Indian Camp'' the main protagonist Nick experiences both in just one night when accompanying his father to help a pregnant woman in labor.

This life changing experience forces Nick onto his journey of growing up. As he steps closer to adulthood, his innocent childish curiosity paves the way of his development.

This question says something about that Nick is still just a kid, who doesn't understand what is happening. He does not like that the woman is screaming, because a scream connects with pain and danger.

This is a very harsh incident for a child, for Nick . On the way home Nick was sitting in the stern with his father upfront rowing. Growing up gets very clear when we compare the beginning to the end.

Nick has separated from his dad; he doesn't need his arms around him anymore. Although Nick is still a child, he still needs his father to be rowing the boat. This could be a symbol of a new chapter.

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