At some point in our life, we are going to face an experience outside the scope of our competence, and truly our comfort zone is not a place, where we can stay forever. So, it will happen to everybody, some moments in our life, where we are to be exposed to an occurrence. It will no matter what affect our growth.

Most of us grow up the same way, and that is exactly coming of age, which is the fact in the short novel “The Indian Camp”. A novel with a protagonist experiencing an unusual birth.

The story takes place in several different locations. The story starts in a lake near the Indian camp. Across the lake you can see beached boats at the ground. The atmosphere at the bay is also a bit sinister and cold, because of the darkness and the mist.

To get to the Indian camp, you need to pass the beach and walk through a meadow, that is soaking wet with dew and then through the woods.

After that you will get to the Indian camp. At the camp you will see barking dogs hiding around bends. The Indian camp is very poor, because the Indians live in shanties and sleep on wooden bunks (page 1, line 27).

The Indian camp is probably near Michigan, because a nurse will come from St. Ignace (page 3, line 18), which is a city in northern Michigan. It probably takes place in 1924, based on the fact that Ernest Hemingway himself was a child at that time and his own father was a doctor, who also paid doctor calls to Indians in Michigan.

The story also corresponds with the factual historical time, where doctors go to help out Indian camps on a primitive basis.
The story is built up chronologically, which means there is neither flashbacks nor flash forwards.