Human categorization by the system | Essay

Eric Garner was a black man, and a father of 6. On July 17,2014 Eric was putted in chokehold by a policeman while being arrested, and he died.

All this just because of A suspicion from the police of Eric selling single cigarettes from packs without tax stamps.

The incident was filmed and the video footage of the incident widespread worldwide, theattention and the questions raised about the proper use of force by law enforcement and is now a huge movement. In the video.

It is very clear to see that Eric is being very tired of being harassed, but he is not aggressive at all.

Through the years, it has been more and more clear that the system favors white people over anything or anyone else.

The system is racist, corrupt and fails so many innocent souls, it applies for both black people who’s getting murdered and afterwards no justice, but also black people who is wrongfully convicted of murder and other crimes.

Samuel R. Gross said “It’s no surprise that in this area, as in almost any other that has to do with criminal justice in the United States, race is the big factor,”(Chokshi, 2017)

Samuel is a University of Michigan law professor and a senior editor of the registry, and he said this in connection to a project, of the law school that aims to provide data on false convictions to prevent them in the future.

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