The ethics of human cloning | Engelsk opgave

The ethics of human cloning has become a great issue in the past few years. The advocates on both sides of this issue have a lot of reasons whether to clone or not to clone. But what is cloning in fact?

The everyday man or women probably thinks this about cloning. You get in a closet-looking machine, you put on a helmet, your brain gets electrocuted and then sent into another closet-looking machine, and a perfect copy of you walks out closet number 2.. In reality it is the same process but much less Hollywood like. In basic a cloning is a complicated procedure completed in big labs with scientists, where one bit of DNA is transferred onto another cell. Clones are exact genetic copies. Which means that every single bit of their DNA is identical. That sound great, right? You can clone plants and they will have all the desired characteristics, cloning can solve fertility problems, you can in theory clone your organs as a backup and finally, probably the most well-known advantage “designer babies”.

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