Human wildlife & coexistence COVID-19

Human wildlife & coexistence COVID-19 and TED talk Alanna Shaikh

The text “Human wildlife and coexistence” informs us about what consequences it has on nature when humans interact.
We are introduced to multiple problems that are caused by humans. Due to human conflict with wildlife, so many species are extinct today.

Another problem we are presented to is the increased conflict resulting from growing human populations, expanded cultivation and livestock husbandry, higher density transportation, and increased energy production. All of these things are causing major wildlife extermination.

An important conflict between humans and wildlife is the transmission of diseases from wildlife to humans and from humans to wildlife. Diseases in this way have a significant risk to animals, - and humans health. Zoonotic diseases are serious and remain one of the world's largest public health challenges. A disease like the plague that killed a large part of the world's population.

Of the zoonotic diseases, 72% are from wild animals. Zoonotic diseases could be: plague, brucellosis, tularemia, anthrax, salmonellosis, and many, many more. These diseases can easily affect the behavior of animals and how they live.
Even though all of these things are still happening today, there is a growing recognition that people and wildlife can in fact coexist in the same areas, with the appropriate tools and management.

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