Hope | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter


Analytical essay:


Hope and her boyfriend Artie are driving towards a suspicious place. Behind the wheel is Artie’s brother-in-law, Barry, and in a car right behind them is Artie’s roommate and his girlfriend

Ro-chelle - they are on their way to have abortions. Hope is very uncomfortable, and Artie is unsuc-cessfully trying to comfort her. In an outlying place, they stop, and here they meet a man and a woman.

Artie’s roommate hands over a couple of envelopes filled with money - and Hope and Ro-chelle get in the car with the woman.

While Artie and Barry wait for the girls to get back, they are staying at a neighboring cafeteria. Rochelle and Hope return, and Artie feels very relieved - he was worried that something might go wrong.

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