Technologi – TED Talk | Analytical Essay

The lecturer who is speaking at the conference a is psychologist named Adam Alter, and his speech is called: “Why our screens make us less happy.” He is speaking at an official TED conference in April 2017, and the speech is of course non-fictional.
Just from the title, we can tell that his thoughts on the screens in our life – phone, computer, television etc. – are not going to be very positive.
He has studied how much time we spend in front of screens, and how much it affects our lives – in a negative way.

As mentioned, our sender, the psychologist Adam Alter, is a very reliable source, when it comes to talking about human behaviour and what benefits us. He is excellent at talking to the crowd and is very good at making his point come across.
The topic of technology and screens, is also very relevant right now, as we are on an all-time high, on our use of technology. He showed this with a diagram of a typical 24-hour day, and what we spend our time on. It was of the years 2007, 2015 and very recent data from 2017. The days were divided into four categories: sleep, work, survival activities and personal time. There was not a big change from year to year on how much time we spend on sleeping and working, but when it came to what we did and do spend our personal time on, there is a big difference.

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