Every human being wants to be judged by their actions and the person they are. No human being on planet earth wants to be judged by the color of their skin, sex, or any other physical things that one has not decided for oneself.

Sadly, racial discrimination still plays a huge role in modern society, with brutal police killings of young black men. This is exactly what “The Hate U Give” is all about the novel is written by Angie Thomas.

The protagonist of the story is a black girl called Starr. Throughout the story, Starr is struggling to maneuver in the two different worlds which are Garden Heights and Williamson Prep.

Starr is living in Garden Heights where the majority of the people are black and not very well of, however, she attends Williamson Prep which is a “white school”.

Starr is switching her identity depending on who she is with. When she is with her black friends, she is talking street slang, however, when she is with the white girls she is talking “their” language.

She is an insecure girl, as she is worrying a lot about how others view her. This uncertainty manifests itself as she does not want to talk about the killing of Khalil in public because she is afraid of how it will impact how her boyfriend Chris and white friends will look at her.

However, she grows as a person through the story and decides to stand up for her values. She objects to racist comments from her white friends, she shows Chris how life in Garden Heights is.