Hillary Clinton Speaks | Opgave 5B | Engelsk

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Hillary Clinton speaks

The interview “Hillary Clinton speaks” by Jane Pauley is shown on the CBS Sunday Morning news show on September 10, 2017. She has spent the last 10 months trying to understand why she did not win the election.

During the interview conducted at Clinton’s home in New York, Hillary talks about election night and how she felt after losing the presidential election in 2016.

Even though she won the popular vote, and she was expecting to win, the election ended in Donald Trump’s favor. Clinton was sorry that she did not win the election and she felt that she had let down everybody.

Clinton explains her defeat, by saying that the American is not ready for the idea of a woman president and she knew that it would be hard to make people comfortable with the idea of a woman president.

The sender of the text is Jane Pauley who can be considered the main sender of the text, but you can also say, that Clinton is a second sender, because the interview is about her views and opinions on losing the 2016 elections.

Jane Pauley is the one who coordinates the dialogue with Clinton through questions and comments.

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