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Optimer dit sprog - Klik her og bliv verdensmester i at skrive opgaver

In the interview “Hillary Clinton Speaks” issued in 2017 by newsmagazine “CBS Sunday Morning” were Hillary Clinton throws off her decades-long guardedness, and got candid, opening up about her proofing defeat to president Donald Trump and the growing pressure to halt the desire to become the first female elected president, In an interview presented by radio anchor Jane Pauley and Presidential nominee Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.


The chain of events unhinged the mind of American politician Hillary Clinton, as well did it cease her keenness towards becoming a candidate and ascending the political ladder.

Jane Pauley curiously delves into Mrs. Clintons sentimental campaign days, in which she asks with buoyant warmth, “So I’m wondering, how are you?” (P. 1 ll. 7)

as an overall question regarding her well-being, which resolves in Hillary Clinton comprehending her state of mind, in which she answers “I think I’m good, but that doesn’t mean that I’m complacent or resolved about what happened” (P. 1 ll. 8-9).

This directly insinuates that Clinton is still dwelling with the situation, as she “Thinks she’s good” thus contradicting herself by not being “complacent or resolved about what happened” (P. 1 ll. 8-9) despite having dealt with the downfall for 10 months.