‘Found’ by Hana Aranga | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

What can you do when you do not feel like you belong anywhere? When you do not know where you come from or who your real parents are?

This is the case for Manawanui in the short story “Found” by Hana Aranga from 2013. Manawanui has had a rough life

which has made him mad at the world and everyone in it. It turns out sometimes you just have to be patient.

The main character of the short story is the 35-year-old Maori man named Manawanui Hetana. The short story is told from his point of view as a first-person narrator.

The style of writing in the story is very informal especially in the dialogs between Manawanui and the other characters.

Manawanui also curses a lot, which can indicate that he is frustrated about not knowing his family and that he does not know who to blame for his sad life. The language also contains a lot of Maori terms, even though Manawanui does not talk Maori himself.

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