‘Flying the flag of facism for Trump’ | Analytical essay

Hand in hand with the presidential election back in 2020, Trump, and his supporters began suspecting the election to be fake, and wanted the votes to be recounted or otherwise he will take it to court.

As a result of this, people have started rioters, and stormed the U.S capitol in hopes of holding on to a past both near and distant.

Therefore, it has become increasingly important to take control over these riots before they escalate.

The language used in the article is formal but easy to comprehend. However, the language is clearly very negative towards the incumbent president and his administration, which sets the tone of the article as very negative.

This is noticed in the way Robin Givhan describes the president and his administration and their actions “The rioters stormed the U.S.

Capitol in hopes of holding on to a past — both near and distant”. They hoisted Trump flags aloft because it is he to whom they’ve pledged their allegiance, refusing to accept his defeat in the November election ”.

Here she accuses the administration lacking, and blaming the president for not taking actions earlier.

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