‘Flying the flag of fascism for Trump’ | Analytical essay

How does Robin Givhan present her message? Givhan’s critical viewpoint on the attack on the Capitol and how it influences the US and its government are the focus in Robin Givhan’s quality press article

“Flying the flag of fascism for Trump,” published on January 7 in The Washington Post. The article centers around the storming of the Capitol initiated by Trump and how that is a threat to democracy.

Givhan uses rhetorical devices to persuade the receiver and formulate her message and intention. A rhetorical device used by Givhan various times in the article is alliterations.

This can already be seen in the title of the article “Flying the flag of fascism for Trump”, the use of alliterations has the effect of creating rhythm.

In this alliteration example, the words beginning with the “f” sound are united as words of death and destruction. This is not the only way she succeeded in creating rhythm in the article.

Givhan also makes use of anaphora: “They are all of those things — a national quilt of our worst impulses and characteristics. They are young and old.

They are men. They are women.” This has the effect of appealing to the emotions of the reader in order to persuade them towards a more negative understanding of the Trump supporters that Givhan characterizes through the article.

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