Euthanasia is an easy way out for those who wish to die and put an end to their misery, with help from a doctor. Euthanasia has been an ethical dilemma for a very long time and it still is today.

But what I don’t understand is, how can euthanasia be illegal in Denmark, when 71 % of the Danish population think it should be legalized.

How can the government ignore this fact and take the liberty of working against the Danish community?

However, it is still illegal to help those who wish to die, despite the fact that they have to travel to another country, pay a lot of money and sacrifice their freedom.

This statement shows another reason, why Euthanasia should be legalized. Euthanasia should also be legalized because people has the right to control their own lives.

The fact that euthanasia is illegal limit the patient’s autonomy and their right to decide the end of their lives and how it should be.

It also limits their right to decide whether they want to die or not and therefore it limits a person’s individual freedom.

In this way, we are as Danish citizens allowing the ethical council and other authorities to make important decisions on behalf of us as human beings.