Drones and Privacy | Engelsk Essay (five paragraph)

Thesis Statement

Drones is sometimes used for the wrong purposes.


  • Mashable: Drug cartels are now using hulking drones to smuggle goods over the border
  • net: Why people get arrested for flying drones

(3) Keywords

  • Smuggling
  • Privacy
  • Air traffic

Drones are becoming a big thing in the western world. Most people can now afford these aircrafts with 4 propellers and a camera. That is just technology evolving, that is something we see every day. But drones are sometimes, used for the wrong purposes. You can use these things to interfere with air traffic. Drug lords can also use these to smuggle drugs over borders. And what about everybody’s privacy? A drone can fly pretty much everywhere without we paying big attention. We will be going over these problems and possible solutions in this essay.

People smuggle a ton of illegal goods with drones. Everything from marijuana and other narcotics to handguns. Not just between borders, but also in prisons, where prisoners pay a huge amount of money for cellphones and drugs. For example, in 2016 two men were sentenced to 13 years in prison in Maryland, USA, for smuggling drugs and cellphones into a maximum security prison by drone. That is an example of many. Just another way to smuggle.

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