First World Problems

I am Katrine, a young entrepreneur from Denmark, focusing on food waste, and I have been invited today to speak to you guys, here at Leiths School of Food and Wine. You are a cookery school here in London, so as you may have guessed, I am here to talk about food. Or more precisely, food waste and its causes and impacts locally and globally.

At last I will discuss what could be done to reduce food waste, and how reduction of food waste can be seen as a business opportunity.

Now what do you think the annual food waste is here in the UK?

I know that in 2015 the annual food waste was around 15m tonnes, of which retailers only accounted for just over 1%. But the leading retailers in the UK have actually banded together to reduce supermarket food waste by 20,000 tonnes over the past year.

And according to BRC director of food & sustainability, Andrew Opie, they will continue reducing, and focusing on where the biggest reductions can be made.

"While we welcome the fact that retail food waste levels are falling, it is nevertheless important to continue to focus attention and efforts on where the biggest reductions in food waste can be made and that is in the supply chain and at home.”4 So hujaa to your country, guys!

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