Dystopian Universe – Assignment | Engelsk

Like every morning I was awoken by a loud ring. It was time for everyone to wake up, and start our day. You would think that they would let us sleep longer than to six o’clock, since we don’t get to leave our house, except for Free Time, but no. Every morning the same, every day the same. Wake up at 6 am, eat breakfast at 6.15 am, stare at the News till 9 am, work till 4 pm, two hours of Free Time eat and go back to sleep. Very short, meaningless days.

When people were caught not watching, they would simply disappear. I understood why some people were tempted to skip the News, but I would never dare to. It was always the same anyways, so I had learned when I was younger to seem like I was paying attention, so the little camera on my TV would see that I was there physically, but there was no need to be there mentally. All Mr. O talked about was how good our lives were thanks to the reform that President Mill was responsible for, and how lucky we were that we were not living in the Dark Times anymore. In my head, I was listening to music. I tried to remember the words, but they had been harder to remember these past years.

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