The story begins with the camera going from the sky down to a city in Ireland, the camera stops on a block with one house standing out. There is snow around only that one house, in the middle of the summer.

Then two young kids with the names Sam and Charles, throw snowballs from the ground at a woman called Mel B. She's standing inside behind a window.

He gets outside and looks up in the sky, sees a cloud with the shape of a heart that splits into two. When he begins to walk, he falls to the ground and hits his head on something.

Howie turns around and removes the snow on the ground, he then sees a sewer cover with four symbols which is rain, clouds, the sun and a snowflake.

Howie decides to go down through the sewer, at the bottom he sees some giant wires. On one of the wires has the house number where Mel B lives, Howie goes to follow the giant wires through some weird place.

It kinda looks like another dimension, he walks for a long time. He stops in front of a really big skyscraper, he continues scared inside the building. Inside there is this very roomy and big room, at the end of this room is a counter with a woman called Sofi.

Howie walks up to Sofi and shows her the house number, then points to a tall wall with all house numbers.