This short story is about a future or an alternate timeline, where genetic engineering and cloning have been so perfected that children just can be thrown away at any point when they do not satisfy the parents anymore, then the parents can make a new satisfying baby and discard it again when it eventually does not satisfy the parents anymore. Could this actually happen? is it ethically correct to clone people?

Amy is a fourteen years old girl, who seems to be a typical adolescent. On page 1, line 33 her parents describe her as a misbehaving, rude and egocentric girl who does not care for other than herself “We forgave you the awful school grades! We forgave you the rudeness and ingratitude and sullen self-centeredness! “.

This is to show that the parents do not know how teenagers behave and aren’t ready and mature enough to know how to handle and take care of a teenager, because Amy otherwise is described as a typical teenage girl who is going through puberty and are have an identity crisis. A perfect example of this is shown on page 2, line 5 “

Amy stormed through the living room, a lanky mess of fury in deliberately torn clothes, pins through her lip and eyebrow, purple lipstick smeared.” This shows us that Amy, just like many other teenagers at her age are trying out and going through different personas and styles in the way to find her own.

Amy’s mother, Alisson especially have a hard time to cooperate with her, on page 2, line 25 Alisson says “She doesn’t want any part of us, then I don’t want any part of her!” she frankly does not like her at all “She doesn’t want any part of us, then I don’t want any part of her!”

Amy’s mother is a very sensitive and immature woman. On page 2, line 33 Amy’s parents describe her with these words “We forgave you the rudeness and ingratitude and sullen self-centeredness!”. But It is actually the parents who are self-centered. An example of this is found on page 2, line 19 “He said slowly, “She’s fourteen now. Legal age.” Immediately Allison stopped sopping. She stood still against him.”