To Cuddle Amy | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The short story “To cuddle Amy” was published in 2000 by the famous author Nancy Kress. Nancy Kress is primarily known for her fiction stories.

Nancy Kress was born on the 20th of January in New York, USA. She has won many awards for her stories throughout her career as a writer.

Allison Campbell, the mother of Amy, is frustrated with her daughter’s behavior, and wants to discard her. This is shown in the sentence.

“She doesn’t want any part of us, then I don’t want any part of her!” Amy has yet again broken the rules of the house and her parents aren’t pleased with her actions.

This turns to her parents being frustrated and filled up with the feeling of disappointment, because they want their daughter to be better than what she has proven to be.

Amy’s parents are tired of her attitude and do not console her behaver. Especially her mother, Allison who has a hard time understanding Amy’s behavior.

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