’Bone Deep’ is a fiction short story by Martin Malone written in 2018. The short story is about a family who has difficulties. The difficulties in the family are told through the point of view of the 13-year-old the main character, Ian.

Throughout the story, we are introduced to Ian's siblings; Terry, Ann and Elly, where one of them; Marcus died in a tragic car accident, which has affected Terry a lot since it was his twin.

Mention is made of the discovery of a woman's skeleton inside a well, which the family discusses a bit.

At the end of the story Ann and Ian leave the room due to the shame of not forgiving their father, which Terry has done as Terry and his father have a very close bond.


Difficulties. All people have difficulties in their lives that they have to deal with. Loss, death are some bad things that you have to go through in your life

but it's about holding together and helping each other get over these difficulties. These are the highlights of the short story ‘Bone Deep’ by Martin Malone in 2018. In the short story

each family members deal with the loss of Marcus each in different ways. No one can get over his death and try to deal with the different e.g.

drink the danger of dealing with it. The family cannot really recover after the loss and lose the relationship with each other.