The short story ‘Bone Deep’ by Martin Malone (2018) is about a family, who has troubles. Through the main character Ian, the difficulties in the family are told, and after a car accident, they have lost their brother

Marcus, and their other brother, Terry, is injured badly, where they blame the father, especially the sister Ann does.

Now, the family barely talks to each other, the mother is not home, and the siblings are taking care of their paralyzed brother, but a woman’s skeleton founded in a well leads to a conversation about their own theories, and at the end of the story

Ann and Ian leave the room because of the shame of not forgiving their father – as Terry has, while Terry and his father have a very close bond.

Analytical essay:

The short story takes place in Ireland, and the events are told with many flashbacks in order to understand the situation.

Ian, the main character, is living with his mother, father and siblings, and although they are a family, they do not seem to be one.

Because of the car accident, that led to the death of Marcus and damaged Terry, the relationship between the characters is almost nonexistent, and they blame the father for the accident:

“He does not realise that we see him as the thorn in Daniel’s lion, the ice that tore the Titanic, the driver who killed a brother, left another badly broken and crushed a mother’s soul” (p. 3, ll. 1-2).

This quote shows the hate, they are feeling towards the father, where comparisons are made to really show, how hurt they are, which is one of the main themes along with family bonds and forgiveness.