A story which themes resolve around happiness, joy, culture, love & confusion

Published in 2015 the short story’’Day Trippers’’ was written by Raman Mundair. The writing is characterized as a short story as it focuses on one main plot with few main characters. Throughout ‘’Day Trippers’’ it will be examined and there will be focus on themes, characterization, structure, title & the authors (Raman Mundair) message.

In ‘’Day Trippers’’ you meet two Indian characters, Parminder & Gurpreet. Parminder has a husband called David and two sons, and Gurpreet has a wife called Aisling and two daughters.

Parminder and Aisling are friends from University and when they all attend a reunion Parminder & Gurpreet instantly share a connection. A sense of something missing in their individual lives.

However, this was quickly ignored from both of them and they went on with their lives. A year later by odd chance Parminder and Gurpreet meet at a hotel whilst they were off on a business trip.

They recognized each other and felt a mutual attraction right away. Their chemistry flourished and they agreed upon a weekend vacation to Leicester. A city none of them had visited.

While at a hotel room they overhear fireworks and when they go to look, they discover the Mela festival, an Indian tradition.

The childhood memories rush through both of them and they hurry to capture it. Through the streets filled with bright lights they created a newborn love for not only the Indian culture, but for each other. They realize this is what they were longing for.