‘Day trippers’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

As the world gets more and more globalized many people move away from their cultures and adopt new and different cultures. There could be many reasons for wanting to leave your culture behind and search for a new culture.

Some people do it because of love, some because of doubts about what they want in life, and some do it simply because of how their life turned out.

In her fictional short story “Day Trippers,” Raman Mundair invites us to experience culture’s impact on two individual’s conscience.

These two individuals both abandoned their culture for a new culture. She examines how race and culture shape identities and how people of color will sometimes completely reshape themselves to fit into white culture.

On the other hand, Gurpreet and his wife change their furniture yearly and buy their children seasonal clothes. “…change the decor and furniture every other year and did the kids really need a seasonal wardrobe?” (line 33-34). This suggests they are relatively well-off financially.

Both Parminder and Gurpreet adopt British traditions and values when moving to the UK, even though there was a big cultural difference.

The assimilation is manifested differently for the two characters. Gurpreet becomes more materialistic, and Parminder rejects Indian food and starts preferring British food.

The story starts In Medias Res, as there is no general introduction. Starting the story In Medias Res also helps to catch the reader’s attention early on.

In the opening, we are presented to the main characters and the central theme, culture. The events in the story are presented in chronological order, and there are no flashbacks or flash-forwards.

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