‘Day Trippers’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

A story which themes resolve around happiness, joy, culture, love & confusion Published in 2015 the short story’’Day Trippers’’ was written by Raman Mundair.

The writing is characterized as a short story as it focuses on one main plot with few main characters.


“Day Trippers” is a contemporary story that was issued in 2015. It is describing the effect of culture and cultural bonds in the world which we live in nowadays.

The characters are from India However they are living in England. Their story might be similar with a lot of Indians who live in the United Kingdom and who might have had the same experiences towards their culture.


Parminder didn’t like to admit it but she had a type. For as long as she could remember she had an aversion to Asian men. Years of her overbearing father and chachas had created a distaste for her Asian brotherhood.

No. She preferred her men pale and interesting. All of sudden she met David at work. His expensive get-up, bohemian chit chat and touchy-feely ways beguiled her.

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