To be a day tripper can mean many things, a day trip might be going somewhere for the day, as a tourist or visitor, to experience something new.

Or as the band Beatles uses the word in the song titled “Day tripper”, to refer to a woman who is having an affair, but with no intention of getting into a serious relationship.

The story then takes a turn, when the two pairs are out eating at a restaurant, and Parminder suddenly gets an interest in Gurpreet, and his ability to take charge , which contradicts her partner David.

Since David is a western male, where the power in the relationship is more shared, she had interest in him at first, however, as in Indian tradition, it is the male who is in control.

Therefore, she starts her revelation, and the beginning of her “journey” back to her old ways. Even though Parminder liked some things of this western life, she had begun turning back, maybe without realizing it.

Parminder and Gurpreet later meet again, however Parminder and Aisling had lost contact. They met at a hotel, when both were on a business trip, from here the story spirals into discord in their relationships and western lives, while they both slowly realize what has been missing.