‘The Dutiful Daughter’ | Analytical essay

The short story “The Dutiful Daughter” by Saadat Hasan Manto, takes the form of a story within at story. By that it contains an outer story and an inner story.

It was published in 1990 in English, but the original was published in 1948. The text is written by Saadat Hasan Manto (1912-1955) and he was a Pakistan author, born in what was then the British India.

His writing includes both short story’s and play and many of his stories are about the division between India and Pakistan, which happened as a continuation of the British Empire releasing their Indian colonies.

Narration + point of view
Language and style
Theme and message

Throughout the story, the narration of the story is highly explicit, with the events and ideas being given clearly and understandable, such as “There wasn’t enough food to go around and basic facilities were almost non-existent.

Epidemics and infections were common”. There are places in the story where the narrator is implicit, as an example where he claims that the “abducted” girls fear is facing their parents.

Another one is in the ending of the story where he has an implied saying “I swear on God your daughter is dead”.

If we look at the reliability of the text, we can see that it is mostly reliable. It gives reliability because of the outer-story in the start, telling about the situation in the two counties at that time, and then the inner-story gives us and idea of what I could be like.

The text also comes with good descriptions of place and people which gives more life to the story and more trust for the reader.

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