“You are so very much like everything in this country, inefficient, dirty, indifferent,” We already notice, in the start of the short story, that we are witnessing a person, which is dissatisfied with India as a country.

Another example, which is said as a statement by the same person is “The mirror was obviously made in India” This is said just after he had criticized the mirror, for being made of bad quality.

We are experiencing an environment which is very different from each other. On one side, we are witnessing a first class compartment, where everything looks to be so arrogant, polite and high class

where you have got to be a person of manners and with high social status. Here it is also important for you to be seen and not to be thought of as a weak link.

People in this compartment are also focusing on what other people think of them, for example Sir Mohan have read the Times several times, but he is continuously reading it to show off, and to be seen as successful.