World End | Engelsk Opgave

As the preaching starts around 5 am in the morning and is spread all over the country by old scratching speakers, three cars arrive at the presidential complex in Ankara. Everyone knows who they are, you can tell by the big black-standard flag flapping in the wind in the back of the cars, which were old white SUV’s with heavy machine guns. On the way to the presidential palace people would run away in fear, and some mostly young men with admiration.

As they arrived seven men with their faces covered with black scarfs jumped out of the car, you could sense that they were smiling as they walked through the halls. They were escorted by several security guards and lead into president Erdogan’s office. Erdogan waved the guards away and offered the men to take a seat at his large desk, only one of the masked men took a seat while the others were still standing. He was the leader of the group, and as he had gotten comfortable, he took of his black scarf, and underneath it popped out a long black and bushy beard, as if he didn’t know what a razor looked like.

It was one of those historic events where people remember where they were when they first saw the video. The video went viral, it was all over the news, and it spread fear among the western society. As the wave of immigrants started to breach through the closed borders of European countries, terrorism evolved into mass murders with several suicide bombings, it was chaos.

As the years went by, Turkey had conquered almost every middle east and north African countries, and Russia had conquered the countries that used to be a part of the old Soviet union, to keep out USA and other countries from attacking them, they had planted bombs inside ordinary peoples stomachs, so if countries started to resist the iron grip that Russia and Turkey who now were ruled by ISIS had on the rest of the world, the countries who caused trouble for the new world dominating countries would suffer huge casualties in form of civil lives.

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