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The author of the short story The yellow wallpaper was an American woman named Charlotte Perkink Gilman. She was one of the most important female authors in history, but she met a lot of criticism as a female writer.

The yellow wallpaper became one of her most famous short stories, and it includes autobiographical elements, from when she was suffering from depression.

The dominant theme of the short story. is related to the condition of women in marriage and society. The story takes place in the nineteenth century

a time where women were expected to fulfill the traditional gender role. Typically, the women back then were expected to be like the narrator’s sister-in-law Jennie, who is more like the classic housemother, who cooks, takes care of the children, and household.

In the meantime men like the narrator’s husband John, were able to do whatever he wanted and have the role of making money for the family. Women like the narrator, who wanted to do something else (such as writing) oGen faced the opposition of their families and society.

This type of oppression is conveyed through the relationship the narrator has with John and her sister-in-law. The story presents a realistic account of events and social relationships of the nineteenth century.

Numerous passages in the text are devoted to physical setting elements, and many of them are key to the action and symbolic meanings of the text.

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