Yellow | Analysis

Some people want to make the most of life and enjoy every moment, but some people give up when meeting resistance, because it seems useless to keep fighting for something in the notion of that life is going to end someday.

The short story "Yellow" is about a man called Jon. Jon is in Egypt to write for a sports magazine. Therefore, Jon has to try scuba-diving, so that he can write about it, but deep inside Jon hates sports especially diving. He is afraid of water and even more afraid of dying. Jon is a very pessimistic man, who drowns his problems in alcohol, which is maybe a warning of the way he drowns himself later on. He likes to stay alone and make his life easier by drinking alcohol, which is seen in line 8 "He locked the door of his room against them and tucked into his duty-free."

He has problems in his love life, and do not talk to his girlfriend. He just goes to Egypt, away from that problem. But in Egypt he got another problem. He feels that his problems have grown bigger and bigger and he sees no solution to them. He hides alone in the hotel room with a bottle of gin because he finds it easier to drink the problems away.

At some point Jon realizes that everything he has in his life is about to come to an end. line 115 it says, "The magazine would let him go soon. His writing would dwindle, disappear down to a dot and vanish, his girlfriend would have left long before and he'd cast off from the last of his friends and relatives." which shows us that he has nobody in his life, so nobody would miss him.

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