The worst is to love someone unquestionably and not be loved back, because it makes you feel totally miserable and your body just wants to travel to the other side of the world.

The best is when you have had a sad day and you receive a hug from the ones you love, because it makes your heart beat and makes you feel grateful.

The worst is to wake up and realize that it’s Monday morning and the rain is pouring outside, because you know that you will have to put on a happy face without feeling it and moreover you know that Friday is really far away.

The best is to come home from school knowing that the only thing waiting is your bed, a back of candy and your favorite tv-show. And that means, that you can let all your thoughts and fears go for some hours. And that is true happiness.

The worst can come when your smile is the biggest from the feeling of coming home. But then you realize that you have a night shift at work. The power of disappointment is overwhelming your mind.

The best is when you travel to the south and you're laying down at the beach. The wind is coming through your stressful body and the tired brain can finally relax after the long days.

But satisfaction and happiness don't last. You'll will never in a million years hear a person say that, expect the day your heading home. That is the worst of the worst.
The best is when you and the people you love are going to the best concert in town.

The excitement is killing your body, while you wait to show your ticket.

The worst is when the clock strikes 10am and you have 3 hours of homework left. You lie down and can barely keep your eyes open. But then you embrace your inner warrior and grab your power back. That is the best feeling.