Optimer dit sprog - Klik her og bliv verdensmester i at skrive opgaver

They talk about that the customer for a particular product, get so many similar products. Often are these products from a newer brand, these new brands run with a different marketing strategy than the slightly older brands, which pushes older brands out into woke advertising to keep up with the new brands. They make an example of Gillette selling scrapers, it is older brand, which now has to compete with bye brands like Dollar Shave Club which sells the products that Gillette has sold for many years but at half price.

Which caused Gillette to do woke advertising around their brand which these days is extremely well known as it is difficult to place whether it is woke advertising or not. Gillette Venus took a plus model that by no means live a healthy life, their advertising said that no matter who you are you will get beautiful skin when using the Gillette Venus products. Peter Megler has a concern about this advertisement because it says nothing is beautiful and nothing is not beautiful. Except it is, but it's not, he thinks it's a dangerous thing to go back to because it will ruin everything that's beautiful.

Because everything that is beautiful now is a threat, and if beautiful is a threat, the opposite of beautiful must be right? This will, in time, undermine being beautiful and may help to create chaos around the concept that is already very broad and personal to each person and society. When we celebrate beauty in every single form no matter what it is, then nothing is beautiful, and then what is beauty? But Charles says that the thinking behind this advertisement might just be that this is a product for all women and not just thin models.