Brand activism and woke advertising | Analyse

There were many who got angry over the LGBT sandwich when Marks and Spencer released it for pride in 2019.

A number of people were asked if they felt offended by the launching of the LGBT sandwich, but none of them there was asked if they felt offended by it.

When has the world come to a point where sandwich packaging is becoming an important topic to discuss on television.

It has been argued that this brings a major issue to the public's attention. When choosing to help show mainstream support to the marginalized, what is their motive?

With the LGBTQ sandwich, AKT - a charity that helps homeless young LGBTQ people - find good use of the £ 10,000 donated by Marks and Spencers after they released their LGBT sandwich for Pride 2019.

But there is a a good counterargument that it can be "woke-washing" companies that choose to acquire people's ideals and choose to use progressive, oriented marketing strategies to drive the issue of their ethical records away from them.

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