“We have lost a beautiful, talented woman” | Analyse | Russell Brand

Russell Brand on Amy Winehouse: “We have lost a beautiful, talented woman”

The commentary by Russell Brand, The Guardian, 24th July 2011, is about how society should change the way we place and view abusers.

Russel is a former drug addict and therefore he is an expert in the field and in the protracted struggle to overcome the severe and deadly disease.

When Amy and Russell met, she was just one of many. He saw her as one of the many addicts, but when he opened his eyes to her talent for singing, he was speechless. Russell and Amy became good friends, and it created possibilities for both of them.

But with her fame came no end to her abuse. People were more interested in her problems and abuse rather than appreciating her great talent, and that continued until her death.

This commentary is written by Russell Brand, a good friend of Amy Winehouse. With this comment he needs people's attention and therefore the newspaper The Guardian is a good place to start.

The Guardian is a British newspaper which strongly advocates the individualistic view of man and emphasizes human freedom in relation to the state.

The readers of the newspaper are more than eighteen years old and are targeted as the well-educated middle class. It is a good part of the population to convey this message to, as for all under eighteen it will be pointless and perhaps a bit too much.

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