‘The Patriot’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Everybody knows about war, in each way. But how do you keep living when your son has been shot? And how do you keep being a role model for the rest of your family, when the mother isn’t there anymore?

One of the most important things in life is having someone you can trust and someone you feel safe with. Especially for children at a very young age.

It is also important to love and feel loved. This essay aims to analyze the movie called “The Patriot”, also known as the war of independence or the American revolutionary war.

The movie involves a lot of important characters and therefore the starting point is those who perform the most or have a special character. I have chosen those I find most important for the movie.

Benjamin Martin is a father of seven and he plays a middle-aged man, who stands for his rights and wouldn’t go to war without a reason.

But after William Tavington shoots his son, his inner father protector comes. He is very protective of his family and doesn’t want anyone to hurt them after they lost their mother.

And a quote from the movie goes, “Before this war is over, I’m going to kill you”, and William says, “Why wait?” and Benjamin goes “Soon” . This shows that he is steadfast, even though he wants to just stab William right away.

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