The Lazy River | Analysis

The Lazy River is a wellsituated hotel on the sunny side on the Mediterranean Spanish coast, where the sun always shines in a little town called Almeria. The narrator, Zadie, tell us how the British people on vacation always do same things as if they were at home.

None of the mention British tourist has been on sightseen in the area, nobody has seen Moorish ruins or been in the nearby mountains, the only the British is breaking the everyday routines is when they are going down to the shops to buy floating branded devices.

In the dusk when the hotel is in cleaning service, the British tourist is going down town Almeria to look at two African girls making young girls’ hair and to look at servals magicians.

When they come back from the downtown Almeria and the children are put to bed, the adults are going to the balcony to look at Twitter in front of the Facebook blue-neon-light.


The story about “The Lazy River” is a fiction written by Zadie Smith. In the fiction the big focus are on tourism (only English people who are on vacation in Almeria) and metaphors.

According to Zadie’s opinion about British peoples vacation main thinking of a perfect vacation. The story’s point of view is told in a 2.

Person singular, due to the narrator mention about herself as “we” and “British”. According to Zadie, the narrator, is all British tourist who is on vacation in Spain very happy to transfer the everyday life in Britain to Spain.

The only opinion the British tourist has concerning Brexit is however they need visa for next summer. A part of London university goes against the current, this little part of these people do not live on The Lazy River.

The guests on The Lazy River hotel nursing the kids feeding them fish and chips and putting on high factor suncreame. These same guests are not willing to do the macarena or do zumba class.

Zadie says that they are joyless, but still according to Zadie it’s difficult to make the zumba in the water. Whatever they eat healthy or buying floating devices, it’s the same for them, because they happy the rest of the holiday.

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