The Importance Of Reading Books | Essay | 10 i karakter

It is the opinion of Paul Fairfield that distractions keep young teenagers from reading books and obtaining the knowledge you do not get in school, he claims that you get your real education in bookstores.

Fairfield claims that neuroplasticity (habits of minds) prevents teenagers from achieving a state of deep reading, he says it is impossible to achieve because the attention of the average teenager is divided.

Fairfield claims that neuroplasticity - meaning that repetition of the same activity strengthens circuits of the brain, and that can produce lasting patterns - the brain is willing to do everything to keep the neurological patterns in check

like the habit of playing computer games; how to click the mouse, and what button on the keyboard does what.

Although the physical mind of the reader is no different than the averaged videogame player, there is a habitual neurological difference.

Fairfield means that the mind of the averaged teenager is simply not up to the task of deep reading - the action of reading slowly, not just for information but for something deeper

achieving the understanding of the book - He claims that “any form of engagement that rises above the level of entertainment is Foreign”.

He also mentions that being able to achieve deep reading takes time, because the brain is trying to keep up the original habits

and weather unknowingly or intentionally it takes time to develop a habit, through repeated experience, and also for the brain to normalize and perfect the activity.

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