The importance of cultural understanding | Speech

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Welcome, everybody.
My name is Isabella and I’m an expert on cultural understanding. I’m honored to be here with you on this day.

I’m going to tell you about cultural awareness and its importance. I will be giving you some advice so that you can manage successfully, and I will give you some information about the Danish culture and how to act in different situations.

The first value is “Power distance”. Here you identify whether the country has a high or low power distance.

A country that has a high power distance means that they accept that some people are more powerful than others, these are often liberalistic countries.

Having a low power distance is the opposite, where you enjoy working together as a team where everybody is equal.

The second value is “Collectivism/Individualism”. In a collectivist country, you are more group-oriented which means the group is valued higher than the individual, and you are less independent. In an individualistic country, the individual is valued higher than the group.

The third value is “Uncertainty avoidance” where weak uncertainty avoidance countries like to solve the problems as they are facing them and are more willing to take a risk.

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