Hello everyone
My name is Anne. I am an expert on cross-cultural communication,and I have gathered you all here today to tell you a little about building a strong and good cross-cultural team.

First of all, building ag strong and good cross-cultural team, you need to understand what cross-cultural communication is, because it is imperative for companies who a looking to expand their company or business-partners.

For the employees it is important to understand the factors that is a part of working with diverse workforces.

The next cross-cultural communication breaks down is “Surfacing disagreement”.

Members from cultures which attaches great important to “face” and group harmony may be skeptical of confrontation because it can feel like social failure. For other cultures this can feel like a “good fight” and a sign of trust.

You can never know how people’s feelings are in different situations according to their cultures, and you can never know what they expect of you.

So, to encourage healthy debate, you can for example ask everyone to offer pros and cons.

The last cross-cultural communication breaks down is “Giving feedback”. An essential part of global teamwork I, of course, constructive criticism. But feedback can be its own cultural minefield.

Leaders from more individualistic and task-oriented cultures, like USA, are conditioned to see it as an opportunity for a personal development.

If they come from more hierarchical cultures, such as Mexico, may not feel it is their role to give feedback to peers but to the leader instead. It is also very different which choice of words the different cultures would use.

Leaders from cultures with low context, like Holland, are more likely to be more direct in their feedback, in contrast to cultures with higher context, like Indian, are more likely to use a more nuanced language.

A solution to this could be, that you as a leader should make cross-culture teams to find a middle ground.

Maybe this way you can also show people how to make critical feedback softer, like giving some praise between the critical feedback.