In order to build a stronger cultural team, it is important that you speak the same language, for an example all the employees speak English in the workplace, even if you may speak Chinese normally, and talk to someone else who also usually speaks Chinese. As misunderstandings and insecurities can quickly be created by speaking a language that others in the workplace do not understand.

By having everyone speak English, for example, it is important to make sure that everyone understands the language, so that no information is missed during the translation. Here, potential misunderstandings must be minimized and any barriers to communication in the communication process must be combated.

It is important in a company like yours that you learn to accept each other, even if you are from different cultures. Examples are those from more egalitarian and individualistic countries as the United States used to express their own opinions and attitudes, where those from Japan being more careful in expressing their opinion.

This is where problems can arise with, for example, a simple brainstorming, as it is different for culture to culture how to look at interrupting conversations. Here it is important that you as a leader, that you involve everyone in the meeting. Here it could be an idea that one goes around the table so that everyone had to come up with their opinions and ideas. This will get everyone's opinions heard.

Conflicts can also easily arise on cross-cultural teams, as in some cultures the degree of resistance is overestimated. For example, in some cultures it may be normal to raise your voice, where in some cultures you will take this as they are angry.

In order to have a healthy debate, it could be an idea to choose a "Devil's Advocate" who could lead the debate. This can help get everyone opinions heard, by everyone having to come up with pros and cons so that people can freely argue. Here again, everyone is heard.