In 1973, DJ Kool Herc, a Jamaican-born DJ living in America who is credited with originating Hip Hop music, set up his turntables and introduced a whole new genre in the musical culture.

The expertise to switch between records, together with the ability to isolate and repeat music breaks eventually led to the groundbreaking birth of the hip hop genre which would not only influence, alter and shape the American, but global society musically, politically, educationally, culturally, revolutionary, and much more.

He then fires a shot at the former American president, George Bush in his line ‘’Bush run shit like Saddam Hussein’’ where he compares George Bush to the former Iraq president and dictator Saddam Hussein who had started wars in the middle east and killed innocent people.

We now see governmental subjects being brought into the subculture the artist and the song are in.

As well as targeting the governmental prospects of society, Cube also mentions the racial differences and inequalities America has a history of in his line ‘’Owned by C.A, State property just like the year fifteen fifty-three’’ where imprisonment to slavery which was legal in 1553.