Importance of Voting Speech | Go be loud and vote | Engelsk

Ladies and gentlemen please pay attention to this very important speech.

It may be one of the greatest moments of your life. I ask myself and you: “Why is voting important?”

As humans we have so many things on our minds; some of them are said loudly and fearlessly, some of them are said quietly, and some of them are not even heard.

But even small birds can have a voice and be heard.

I’m not very experienced with policy and I’m not an expert in that area, but does that preventing me to choose my future? No, never! I want you all to vote because every vote has an impact on our country and the whole world.

We should be glad that we have a system where we can vote. We should be pleased. I voted yesterday because I wanted to speak my mind and honor and cherish those great people who’ve fought and died for these rights.

As humans we’re a very complex species and have come a long way to achieving this great act of freedom which is voting.

Previous generations and our ancestors have fought countless battles for example against Nazi Germany to make sure we today can live and breathe in a free country.

Where we can express our thoughts loudly and fearlessly without been thrown into prison.

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