Analyze of thinking out loud

I have chosen the song Thinking out Loud and I did that because I think Ed Sheeran is a good singer and the text is very good. The text is about living with your loved one for the rest of your life.

The songwriter of the song is Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge. Ed met Amy when he was just 17 years old.

They were not meant to write this song. Amy visited Ed in 2014 and while Ed was in the shower she played a few chords on the guitar. Ed heard it and rushed out of the shower and they then started writing a song on the chords she randomly played on the guitar. Ed wrote the song about his girlfriend at the time. They broke up about a year after.

The theme of the lyrics is lifelong love Ed was just 23 when he wrote the song but he dreamed of a lifelong love. The song is about living with his loved one for the rest of his life. The message with this text is to learn younger people about love and how good it feels to be in love with a person.

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