‘The importance of Reading Books’ Podcast | Analytical essay

Analytical essay

The podcast “The importance of Reading Books” by Paul Fairfield, 2018, begins with the author’s memories about his time in high school when he discovered the pleasure of reading.

Fairfield then focuses on reading in present times and the difference between reading books and reading screens.

Fairfield argues that reading books has a higher influence on people than reading on screens has.

He gets around the problems by more young people rejecting books in favor of screen technology, and that textbooks have therefore become far too simplistic.

The podcast ends with Fairfield expressing his worry that people who favor screen technology lose the chance to think and feel on a deeper level than reading books offers.


Can the booming development of technology cause people to lose touch with the deeper insight?

Less young people read books because today you can find everything on the internet, but in the "importance of reading books" by Paul Fairfield, 2018

Fairfield claims that many young people consider books outdated and unnecessary, which he believes is a big problem, as they in that way remove the possibility of developing critical thinking.

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