‘The Guilt’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Guilt particularly is something almost every people feel in some sort of way. Guilt can be emotionally frustrating for a lot of people and can be difficult to overcome.

History of the past is today a very discussed topic. Especially when it comes to race. White and blacks hasn’t compromised in the past, and slavery has been the main source, for guilt a lot of white people have gotten today.

Because she is an elderly woman, she got two well-trained guard dogs who guard her as “sentinels at the gate”.

These two fierce and powerful dogs are trained by her late husband to follow specific commands. A change of government however, has indirectly started to bother Lillian.

Alost every week, poor blacks confront Lillian Thurgood at her gate, begging or hoax her into giving them money either as “donations” to faked organizations or by doing trivial tasks.

This is yet again the case on a late winter morning as Lillian tends to her garden. She noticed the barking from her dogs, assumed that the local postman was dropping by.

Instead, the barking was caused by a young black man, looking for work. When Lillian confronted the black man, and said she didn’t have any work for him, he handed her a water-stained letter, where it said his name was William and he was collecting donations on behalf of some organization.

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